Activity Recommendations
Dear Jackson Walnut Park Families,

I am always open to new suggestions for enrichment programs both before and after school. If you have any ideas or suggestion, please let me know!

Nicole Girouard
Activities Director
Here you can share any ideas for cooking classes. Please share any ideas or inspirations like: decorating Christmas cookies, Thanksgiving recipes, slow cooker ideas, gluten free, etc.
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Health and Wellness:
Please share any recommendations for Health and Wellness classes, instructors or studios! Other ideas could include mother/daughter classes, family night, etc!
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Physical Fitness:
What are your children interested in? Is there a specific sport or activity that you would like your child to participate in?
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Before School Exercise:
What would benefit your family?
Specific instructor or activities?
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Visual Arts/photography/paint/ceramics etc.:
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Performing Arts/Theater:
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Local studios/instructors/styles!
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Culture or Volunteering:
Ways to connect to and to serve the community.
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Workshops or Discussion Topic/Themes:
Here you can list any idea for a workshop or discussion. These events can include parent/child workshops or parenting classes. Any ideas are welcome!
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Adult Classes!!!!!
Basketball? Cooking? Baking? Yoga? We have the space, let's use it! The Student Center will available for adult activities in the mornings, after 6:00p.m. and on weekends. Please note the activity and time that you would be able to participate.
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Activity that you would like to lead/teach/co-run:
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