To what extent does YouTubers promoting products on YouTube influence pester power in children aged 5-7?
My name is Abbie Walton and I am a third-year student at York St John University. I am currently studying for a BA Early Childhood Studies Degree. One of the requirements of my degree is to complete a small-scale research project. I have decided to research the extent to which YouTubers promoting products can influence what children asked their parents for. I believe that this will be an interesting part of research to be involved in as YouTube is vastly becoming the viewing platform of choice in children aged between 5-7, with 70% of these children accessing it in their spare time. This is an area which has not yet been explored in literature in regards to the effect and influence it can have on young children and as the use of technology amongst children is only continuing to rise it will therefore be interesting to explore the extent of this.

This is an anonymous questionnaire which should take around 5-15 minutes to complete. If you wish to withdraw from the study after you have filled in the questionnaire you will have until 17th March to do so. If this is the case, you will have to contact me directly via my email In addition, don't hesitate to contact me with any queries or questions you have about the project. By filling in the questionnaire I will assume that you are giving consent for the information provided to be included in the project. Some of the questions may require you to ask your children, if you feel uncomfortable with this element of the study, please do not feel pressured to take part.

Kind regards,
Abbie :)

How old is your child? *
Approximately, how many hours per week does your child spend on YouTube? *
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Is your child influenced by the YouTuber(s) they watch? *
Does your child ask for products that this YouTuber(s) promotes? *
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How frequently do you find your child asking for things promoted on YouTube? *
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Do you buy your child the things they ask for? Under what circumstances? *
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If yes, once your child has received the item, how long does your child show interest for?
If no, what is the response from your child if you say no?
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Finally, what effect do you feel this has on your child-parent relationship? Please explain *
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