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Clients, colleagues and friends -

First, we hope you are all staying safe and healthy.

These are scary and uncertain times. There's so much competing for our time and attention right now...lots of important information to process, balancing work and family priorities, trying to stay sane! We get it.

Professionally, as researchers, there's one thing we can do for sure: measure. We can take the pulse of Americans to better understand their anxieties, their behaviors and how they're responding to this unprecedented crisis. By doing so, we can help our clients understand the best way forward and how to meet consumers' needs the best we can.

In that spirit, Insight By Design & InnovateMR are conducting nationwide online surveys focused exclusively on the coronavirus and its impact on American consumers - and we want your input! Please use this form to submit a question or two that you'd like to see included in upcoming surveys. We may edit or tweak your submission, but our goal is to include as many questions / topics as we can.

We'll continue to share results on our website at

If you have additional questions or would like to chat about a specific need or project, you can also email me directly at

I look forward to your input and to sharing some much needed consumer intelligence.

Stay well,
Chris Aswad

Insight By Design

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