2020 Metro Detroit AFL-CIO Candidate Questionnaire

Dear Candidate,

Congratulations on your decision to run for office. Serving your community’s working families as an elected official is a tremendous opportunity and responsibility.

The Metro Detroit AFL-CIO is the local organizing body of the National and State AFL-CIO - a federation of labor organizations representing over 1,000,000 active and retired members of 59 unions throughout the state. Our mission is to improve the lives of working families, bring economic justice to the workplace, as well as social justice to communities across our region. To achieve this, the Metro Detroit AFL-CIO supports the right of workers to join and form unions. By exercising their collective voice, ordinary people bargain to improve their living conditions, working conditions, and communities.

Through our candidate screening process, we provide those seeking elected office in our region with the opportunity to communicate their opinions and positions on a variety of labor-related issues to working families and citizens in your community. In turn, union members and our allies will review the information you provide and utilize that information to learn about your candidacy and prepare themselves for the election season ahead.

In addition to responding to the questions in this questionnaire, we invite you to provide additional comments for your answers on the spaces provided. If you have any questions, please contact Jamiel Martin, at jmartin@metrodaflcio.org Thank you for your participation.

In Solidarity,
President Daryl Newman

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Are you now or have you ever been a union member? *
If so which Union(s) and Local(s)?
Have you received an AFL-CIO endorsement in the past? *
If so for which elected office?
Are you a member of a Metro Detroit AFL-CIO Constituency Group? *
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Does your Campaign intend to use services, vendors and venues that are Union? *
General Labor Issues Sections
Workers are organizing at a steady pace to improve their wages, benefits, and working conditions. Yet, in workplace after workplace, employers and the legislature are working to bust up unions through many different anti-labor tactics. Workers need the support of their communities now more than ever in order to overcome these tactics and be free to make an appropriate decision.
If elected, will you publicly support legislation that would restore the right to organize and engage in collective bargaining? *
If elected, will you publicly support legislation that restores the freedom to pay union dues and contribute to political action committees through automatic payroll deduction? *
If elected would you publicly support policies that would protect employees from pressure and intimidation from their employers when deciding whether or not to join a union and allowing that union to bargain on behalf of the employee? *
If elected would you be willing to walk a picket line, speak at a rally, or in other ways support the efforts of an organizing drive, contract dispute, or other labor campaign? *
If elected, will you publicly support reinstating Michigan unemployment benefits to a base of 26 weeks instead of the 20 weeks limitation recently enacted into law? *
If elected, will you publicly support changing workers compensation, removing the current restrictions which make it more difficult to obtain benefits, and eliminate provisions that allows employers to arbitrarily reduce benefits by a “phantom wage” - the amount of wages they think the injured worker should be able to earn - regardless of whether they actually have the job or wages? *
If elected, will you publicly support legislation to strengthen workplace safety and health standards that keep working people safe on the job? *
If elected, would you publicly oppose efforts to weaken MIOSHA regulatory and enforcement programs? *
If elected, will you work to combat sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace? *
Why do you believe that employees should have the right to collectively bargain and organize? (6 sentences or less)
Education Issues
The future of our state depends on the quality of public education. Please respond to the following questions:
Will you work with your neighborhood schools and local school districts by publicly lobbying the legislature and the governor for adequate and equitable funding for local schools? *
Currently, charter schools may open and close without collaboration or input from the community they operate in. Do you support the implementation of an entity that manages the opening and closing of charter schools? *
Do you support the passage of legislation that would reverse the laws enacted during the Snyder and Engler Administrations that took away educator rights and voice? *
Do you support the privatization of teachers, school support personnel, or any other public employees? *
Do you have any experience (paid or unpaid) working with your local school districts, teachers, school board and staff? *
If yes, please describe your experience:
If elected, would you actively and publicly oppose all private school voucher proposals and other schemes intended to divert taxpayer dollars from public schools to private schools? *
If elected, would you publicly support legislation that would reduce class size, provide meaningful professional development, reduce the amount of standardized testing and support for teachers and other school staff? *
Trades / Industry Standards
Many do not understand that the building trades are the most qualified workers that go through exhaustive training and some trades include state licensing. These highly skilled women and men make sure that our buildings, and infrastructure, are installed safely and the installment meets highly regulated standards.
Large-scale infrastructure projects can mean a lot of jobs in construction as well as long-term good paying jobs beyond construction. When public money is used for such infrastructure improvements, the Metro Detroit AFL-CIO believes these projects should keep working families in mind, and ensure that workers in these environments are given the ability to organize as well as be adequately compensated. Will you publicly work to make sure labor is part of the planning process of big infrastructure projects?
Clear selection
Building codes are important in keeping both workers and the public safe in their workplaces, schools, hospitals, residents, etc. The Metro Detroit AFL-CIO supports maintaining current building codes and supports enforcement of these codes. If elected will you work with the Metro Detroit AFL-CIO and our affiliates to promote, maintain, and enforce strong building codes? *
The Metro Detroit AFL-CIO supports the commitment to workers having dignity at their workplace. This includes work that is done with our taxpayer money. Supporting and crafting responsible contracting policies is vital to safeguarding taxpayer funds on local projects. These policies include that apprentices in their related fields are in a Department Of Labor approved apprenticeship program. Will you be willing to publicly support or craft a responsible contractor policy? *
Will you support measures that require that corporate polluters pay the full cost of repairing the environmental disasters they create, and use local skilled and well-trained workers to fully repair the damage? *
Will you support measures that aid in the development of a transition plan to assist workers and communities who may be affected by energy plant retirements to ensure that sites are redeveloped and new job opportunities are created while Michigan transitions to cleaner, more affordable energy sources? *
Michigan utility workers work day in and out to provide power to all residents of the state. In 2016 a comprehensive energy bill was signed helping to pave the way for maintaining Michigan’s regulated electrical market. There have been many attempts to de-regulate or increase choice ( current choice cap is at 10%) Would you support keeping Michigan’s regulated electrical market? *
When it comes to construction projects would you support adopting fair contracting language? This could include language to stop wage theft, worker misclassification and leveling the playing field for qualified contractors by not just awarding work to the lowest bidder? *
If elected, will you oppose more new tax breaks for big corporations unless they include strong measures that require companies to hire Michigan workers, as well as strong clawback provisions that require companies to pay back their tax breaks if they fail to create the jobs they promise? *
Do you publicly support increasing Michigan’s minimum wage to $15 so that working people can provide for their families? *
It behooves organized labor to support not only candidates who are labor friendly, but who have a reasonable chance at getting elected.
Will your campaign if endorsed accept the Metro Detroit AFL-CIO help in all aspects of your campaign? *
How will you continue your relationship with the Metro Detroit AFL-CIO post election? *
List the labor endorsements you have received thus far (please specify any that you had received in the past and those that are for this current race).
What is your plan if you are not elected to the office you are seeking?
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