2021-22 End of Year Parent Survey
Dear Parents and Caregivers,
We are grateful for all the love, care, and support you have brought to our school and community this year. In the spirit of community wisdom, collective learning, and continual growth, we respectfully ask you to complete a feedback survey so that we can foster our partnership into the future.
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List your child(ren)'s grade(s) this year: *
Please rate your satisfaction with each of the following: *
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Not Observed
The teachers are highly qualified and professional
The educational program meets my expectations
The Rainbow philosophy and approach to education allows my child to excel
The School facilities (buildings, classrooms, grounds) support a thriving learning environment
I feel confident my child's physical, social and emotional safety are maintained at Rainbow
The general leadership provided by the Administrative team fosters the mission of the school
The general leadership provided by the Board supports our mission and long term vision.
Communication from the office in Rainbow Reminders is helpful and clear
Opportunities for community involvement (class meetings, books talks, circle meetings, parent council, Coffee with Kate, Talking to my Kids events, school-wide community meetings etc) were accessible and clear to me.
Rainbow's End afterschool program provides a safe, fun, and engaging experience for my child.
The Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity efforts at RCS support belonging within and beyond our community
Our family experiences a culture of belonging at Rainbow
The Student Support Program ensures children with a diversity of learning strengths and needs are adequately supported and integrated into all learning environments
The Counseling Program ensures children and families can access specialized support during times of crisis or in support of ongoing social and emotional development
Comments on any of the above
What is/are the most important aspects to you and your family of Rainbow Community School? *
If you could change anything about or wish anything for Rainbow Community School, what would it be? *
Would you recommend RCS to another family? *
Why or why not? *
As a parent, how involved are you in school activities (ex. circle meetings, class meetings, books talks and educational events, Coffee with Kate(preschool), etc? *
How many classroom parent meetings have you, or someone from your family, attended? *
Will you be returning to RCS next year? (Please answer for each of your children at RCS and if your child is graduating, list that also) *
If you would like to be contacted for a follow up regarding this survey please include your contact information:
Any additional questions, comments, concerns, or compliments?
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