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The University of Florida (UF) is mandating a significant increase in face-to-face courses in the Spring 2021 semester, with a stated goal of matching pre-pandemic number of class sections. UF set a deadline of October 19 for faculty and graduate assistants to apply for federally mandated COVID-related accommodations for the Spring 2021.

The JOINT NEWS CONFERENCE will describe the demands of UFF-UF and UF-GAU for a safe spring semester and take the form of testimonial statements from current UF graduate assistants and faculty as well as statements from public figures and politicians.

UF-UFF and UF-GAU demand that all faculty, graduate assistants, and staff be given the option of remote teaching/working but especially those who are at an increased risk for severe illness from the virus, who might be at an increased risk for severe illness from the virus, or who live with an individual at increased risk for severe illness from the virus should be given the option of remote teaching/working.

Furthermore, since federally mandated accommodations for those with certain health conditions can be requested at any time, the imposition of an October 19th deadline is too short a time span to reasonably request supporting medical documentation and is potentially confusing to faculty, staff, and graduate assistants who may believe they cannot request COVID-related ADA accommodations after this date.

In addition, there has been no satisfactory explanation or medical justification for returning to pre-pandemic levels of face-to-face instruction, which demonstrates a severe lack of concern for pedagogy, as well as the above health concerns.
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