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By now you've filled out our Doodle Participation Survey to tell us which weeks you'll be playing,

( if not, complete step 1 on this page: )

... and made your online payment to reserve your spot.

( if not, that's step 2: )

So all that's left is to let us know your Doodle survey alias and league preferences below.

This step is optional; if you don't complete this survey we'll do our best to put you on a team that provides the best balance of competitiveness across the league.

First and Last Name
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What's your Doodle Participation Survey alias?
Since the Doodle Survey is publicly accessibly, you can optionally use a fictitious or silly alias for managing your league participation dates. If you do, please let us know what alias you've used.
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Is this a shared position?
We allow 2 players to share a position (making your own arrangements for splitting the cost and playing time). If this is a shared position, please list the other player(s) who will be sharing this spot with you. Otherwise, just skip this question.
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Are there friends or family you'd like to play with?
We strongly encourage club members to spend time playing with many different people. If there are family members or close friends that you *really* want to play with, though, or if you have a team that wants to play together to practice for away-spiels, just list their names here and we'll do our best to accommodate you.
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What are your preferred playing positions?
We cannot guarantee that you'll play in one of these positions, but we'll do our best.
Questions? Comments?
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