etno Histeria HUGE PUPPETS LAB: 28. july - 5. august
NEW Etno Histeria Masterclass, 27.7. - 5.8.

Paper monsters workshop:
First the partecipants will follow some basic instructions on how to make a few simple paper creatures, to get familiar with paper as the material for modelling and animating. After that they will experiment and design a small model of their own original big paper monster which will be created with cardboard construction and smashed paper forms added over the cardboard. They will finish it with one or two rough layers of papier-mache. All these various big monsters will be animated and carried around with handles and sticks, added after testing all the animation possibilities.
They could be used in short sketches or interventions, processions, for different installations and mobile scenographic solutions, even included in concerts, being simple enough and not too heavy.

PLACE 29.7.-2.8.
Cat's hill camping, Istria, Slovenia
PLACE 2.8. - 5.8.
Castle Snežnik, festival Floating castležnik_Castle_Museum

27.7. - fri: coming
28.7. - 2.8.: workshops
3.8.- 5.8.: performing production on festival Floating castle

Participation Fee
FEE: 150 EUR

The participation fee includes accommodation, full board and all activities. Travel costs to and from the camp as well as visa fees are not covered, unfortunately. Your travel from Cats Hill to Castle Snežnik will be organised inbetween people having cars, the costs should be shared inbetween you.

Funding Opportunities and Visa Support
In order to ensure your participation, please let us know immediately, if you require a visa to travel to Slovenia. We can support you with an invitation letter, which you can present at the Slovenian Embassy in your country.


All the participants should have valid INSURANCE (EU insurance card), possibly TENT, as well as sleeping bag and mat, swimsuit and possible bottle of local drink or food (for cultural exchange purpose).

Application deadline: Friday, June 30th. (or till we fill the capacities)

If you have any questions, please write an e-mail to:


Brane Solce, teatro Papelito
Papelito Puppet Theatre established in 2005 is the vehicle for the work of Brane Solce who had been engaged since 1982 in the Papilu Theatre Group.The starting point of the theatre's performances, which are based on sound and music and presented mostly without text, is paper, material that offers lots of possibilities of transformation. Paper is the basis of this travelling theatre. A versatile material that offers lots of possibilities for transformation and expression. The one and only creator of all the elements in this paper show is Brane Solce. He uses the visual language of metaphors and symbols, based on sounds and original music. For him there is no necessity for words or storytelling. The performances use the rich visual language of metaphors and symbols facilitated by idiosyncratic two-dimensional puppets and are full of wit and humour.
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