CFC - CodeFest 2021 (Hackathon)
"CodeFest" is the biggest hackathon ever to happen in NEPAL, which intends to provide a platform for students to showcase the practical applications of latest technology that they have been learning and an exposure opportunity for the same.

The event will be conducted in 2 - phases:
1) Province Level : All the teams from a province will compete against each other and the winner team from each province will be selected for the National Competition(Finale).
2) Finale: The winners from each province (making it 7) will compete against each other in the Grand Finale ,which will take place in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu.

Winner of the CodeFest will be rewarded with the prize equivalent to NPR 50000 + other gift hampers,
1st runner-up will be rewarded with the prize equivalent to NPR 30000 + other gift hampers,
2nd runner-up will be rewarded with the prize equivalent to NPR 20000 + other gift hampers .
And a category winner will be rewarded with the prize equivalent to NPR 10,000.

* Best practical ideas can also get chance of investment.

Event Timing: May 15 - June 20, 2021
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