First Reconciliation enrolment form 2017
This form will enrol your child for First Reconciliation in the Parishes of Sydney Harbour in 2017. The First Reconciliation Program runs in Term 4, with the celebration of the sacrament in November. Enrolment is open to all candidates in Year 3 or above, and who have been Baptised in or Received into the Catholic Church (if your child is not already a Catholic, you need to contact the Parish Office to arrange preparation BEFORE completing this form).

Our ENROLMENT PROCESS has two steps:
• Stage 1 – completing the entry of data via this online link.
• Stage 2 – dealing with the elements needed to complete the enrolment:
A. payment of the $75 contribution OR contact with the office regarding special exemption
B. if your child was not baptised at one of the 4 parishes of Sydney Harbour North you will also need to send us a copy of the BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE.

All elements of the program are compulsory and ALLOCATION TO SMALL GROUPS AND CEREMONIES is done on the basis of 'completed' enrolments, that is, where payment of the $75 contribution has also been made OR contact has been made with the Sacramental Coordinator to make other arrangements.

The PROGRAM begins with:
(i) a FAMILY EVENING to be held on Wednesday 18 October at 6.30pm in Sacred Heart CHURCH. This is an essential part of the program and both children and ONLY ONE parent are to attend this meeting.
(ii) COMMITMENT MASSES will occur at Sunday Masses on 21/22 October at all SHN churches.
(iii) SESSIONS begin in small groups from 22 October for 4 consecutive weeks. Candidates and at least one supporting adult, usually a parent, are to be present at each session. There will be a parent leader for the sessions, but each parent is to help, assist and support their child through the sessions. If you are unable to attend any of your assigned small group sessions, there will be "catch-up" session held on Wednesday afternoons at 3.30pm at the Mackillop Room (next to Sacred Heart Church).
(iv) RETREAT DAY will occur on Tuesday 14 November in the facilities of Sacred Heart Parish and School from 8.45am to 2.45pm.
(v) First Reconciliation CEREMONIES will occur on 21 OR 22 November, at 5pm OR 7pm. Family members will also have the opportunity of going to the Sacrament of Reconciliation during that time.

ALL EVENTS ARE COMPULSORY and the timing of events is similar from year to year. If your family plans over the next few months do not allow you to make the required commitment to attending the above events, you may wish to consider postponing your child's enrolment until next year.

A list of these KEY DATES is available on the Parish website under the Sacraments tab (click on 'Reconciliation' from the options given). We strongly recommend that you print off this list and consider the dates/times of these compulsory events when planning your family commitments over the period of the program.

There are many opportunities for the parents to VOLUNTEER to assist in preparing the program. In particular, we need leaders for small groups of 4-8 candidates. The leader gets to choose the time and date when the group meets. You may have a rough idea of the 'Small Group' before enrolling so the relevant information can be entered on line.

If you have any questions, please contact the Parish Sacramental Co-ordinator on 02 8969 3202 or 0450 536 339.

AFTER COMPLETING THIS FORM, you need to click 'Submit' to send this information to our parish offices. If you do not see the confirmation of enrolment screen, then your data has not been sent and you will need to complete the form again in full. When you see the confirmation screen, please PRINT it for your records as it includes details of HOW TO PAY the contribution by bank transfer or credit card. If you do not then receive an acknowledgement of successful email within 2 business days, please forward a copy of the Confirmation screen to so we can investigate any problems with the email address in our records.

WHEN COMPLETING THIS FORM, A STABLE INTERNET CONNECTION IS NEEDED. Note: in the past, some users have had difficulties completing the Form using an iPhone.
If a page times out, simply refresh the page and continue.
There are REQUIRED ANSWERS (marked with *) and OPTIONAL/NON-REQUIRED ANSWERS. Please use upper and lower case as required (not just capital letters).

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