2017 UP Project - Partners Survey
This short survey is for all agencies/persons that have partnered with an Urban Partnership Project to provide information on the successes, challenges, and contributions of their partnership.

We appreciate your time with this project, and in completing this survey. We estimate it will take ten minutes to complete.

The objective for the Urban Partnerships program is to increase the participation of urban Aboriginal people in the economy. The overarching approach to achieve this outcome is through the development and/or enhancement of partnerships at the community, regional and national level.

The UP program works to increase urban Aboriginal participation in the economy by providing funding to projects that leverage partnerships and achieving one or more of the following expected results:
• Urban Aboriginal community groups and organizations have enhanced capacity to be self-reliant in seeking partnerships with traditional and non-traditional partners;
• Partners collaborate on policy, program, planning and project initiatives to improve socio-economic conditions for urban Aboriginal individuals, families and communities.

If you have any questions or additional feedback, please contact Julie Robertson the UP Program Manager at UPDirector@bcaafc.com or by phone at 250-388-5522 ext.217

Contact Informaton
Please list the name of the organization running the UP program, and then your contact information.
Urban Partnership Organisation Name: *
The agency who runs the UP Project, and who probably sent you the link to this survey
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Your Agency address
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Financials & In-kind Reporting
This is where we ask questions regarding your contributions either financial or in-kind to date.
Please note: only list a dollar ($) amount in the specified fields.
1. Listing only a dollar amount - What is your agency's financial contribution to this project? *
If no financial amount list a "0" zero. (list zero also if only providing in-kind)
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2. What is the breakdown of your agency financial contribution?
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3. Listing only a dollar amount - What is your agency in-kind contribution? *
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4. What is the breakdown of your agency in-kind contribution?
Please provide a brief breakdown of your in-kind contribution (Ex. ## hours @ $$/hr = $$$, $$$ in-kind space use, $$$ in-kind products/services)
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Urban Partnership Program Review Questions
5. How successful would you consider your partnership on this project? *
Not successful at all
Very Successful
6. Did you feel involved/invested in the overall success of this project?
7. What was your participation on this UP project? *
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8. What is your commitment to this project after Urban Partnership Project Funding concludes?
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9. Would you partner with this agency again for future projects/programs?
10. UP Partnership Goals *
Below are the three partnership goals of the Urban Partnership Program, please select any or all that you feel your agency has met.
11. What has been your favourite part of your involvement in this project to date? *
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12. Is there anything that would have helped improve your partnership with this project?
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13. Any other comments:
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Urban Partnership Project is delivered through the BCAAFC
For more information please contact:
BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres
551 Chatham St, Victoria BC, V8T 1E1 Phone: 250-388-5522 ext. 217
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