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7pm EST, Wednesday, 5/26/21

As Asian mental health professionals, we identify, reflect, and explore with our clients in unique ways. This has as much to do with who we are and where we are in our collective trauma as Asian Americans during a global pandemic. This begs the question: how do we do this work within ourselves so we can have greater insight on our clients' needs based on their unique identities?

Using a care example that highlights core issues around racism and social justice and building upon the work that NYCAAMH has been doing in recent years to highlight ways that the Asian mental health professionals community can act in solidarity with those experiencing the devastating impact of racism, NYCAAMH invites members at all levels of their career for the Coalition's very first care conceptualization workshop.

Licensed Clinical Social Workers Chris Roque, Daniel Tanh, and Yuna Youn will facilitate discussions of personal values and beliefs and share strategies that help bring racism, oppression, and privilege into the session to promote justice-based practice.
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