How can Chefling help you during the crisis?
Our lives have changed dramatically around the world because of the COVID19 pandemic, and we want to know how Chefling can help you better manage the problems you face due to the crisis. Please let us know how this change in our daily lives is affecting you. ALL QUESTIONS ARE OPTIONAL AND ANONYMOUS
How old are you? (We're sorry for asking, but this is very relevant to understanding the needs of our customers right now)
Which of these best describes your situation?
Which of the following has become MORE important during the crisis?
Which of the following has become LESS important during the crisis?
How long will the food you have on hand last in your house?
Have you needed to change the type of food you buy? Please explain.
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Please tell us anything you would like us to know about your experience during this crisis. Your answers are anonymous and we are here to listen.
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