Makers: update on units
Thank-you for being a part of our community of makers!
We are now 90+ strong locally & 4000+ nationally (& growing) - keep up the good work!

Production of each unit: Our focus is on coordinating the print of the head-mounted visor holders and then adding in the transparent visor sheet, before attaching an elastic strap.
This is made up of 3 component parts:
part a = 3D-printed/laser-cut head-mount
part b = transparent visor
part c = elastic strap

Assembly of IKEA-stylee kits:
3-part (3D) kit =
{3D-printed head-mount + transparent visor + elastic} in bags of 10 with disclaimer & instructions
2-part (laser) kit =
{assembled laser-cut head-mount + transparent visor} in bags of 10 with disclaimer & instructions

Don't worry about needing all 3 - that's why your insight & input, here helps us organise the rest.

So that we can continue tracking the units we're producing, and meet demand as efficiently as possible we are constantly changing how we operate. Rich, now working on our logistics, asks that you spend a few minutes filling in this quick & easy form at the end of the day (by 5pm if possible) on each day that you have a batch ready.

Let's get the face shields to those in need as soon as we can. Thank-you!

3D-printed Solent Face Shields Project Team

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