Worried about climate change? Pledge to #MakeClimateAClass
As a Teacher or Student, here is a simple, powerful way to fight climate change.

This spring, #MAKECLIMATEACLASS. You can do this in EVERY SUBJECT. ART, ENGLISH, HISTORY, MATH, SOCIOLOGY, BUSINESS. PHILOSOPHY, MUSIC, BIOLOGY, etc. etc… Scientists have told us we have ten years to act to hold global warming to the low end, and your students deserve a one-hour class with you to talk about climate solutions—from your disciplinary perspective.

Teachers: Pledge to #MakeClimateAClass this semester.

Students: Pledge to ask ALL your teachers to #MakeClimateAClass. Send them this email.

Here is a link to a blog post from Dr. Eban Goodstein, economist and Director of Graduate Programs in Sustainability at Bard College in New York, explaining the idea of making climate a one-hour class in any discipline, and discussing the teacher’s guides for dozens of subjects the Bard Center has made available.


Goodstein provides links to subject-specific resources, and also the homework focused on university-hosted webinars on climate solutions specific to your region or state that you can use to spark the discussion.

Take the Pledge to stay informed and #MakeClimateAClass this semester.

This opportunity is not just for environmental studies classes.  The challenges posed by solving climate change necessarily range across history, science, business, culture, economics, psychology, religion, government, media, journalism and the arts. Solve Climate has teachers guides for follow-up discussion here for the state-level, solutions-focused webinars on ther "Resources" page at www.solveclimateby2030.

Covid 19 has shown how fragile our health and economic systems are to extreme events. Our scientists have also told us clearly that, unchecked, climate change will turn our lives into a series of unending extreme events: floods, droughts, rising seas, pests and disease, more extreme storms and hurricanes, leaving hundreds of millions of people homeless and on the move.

There is still time to change that future. And now, this spring-- not next year-- is the time to focus our students on feasible, ambitious, local climate solutions.  Thank you for joining this critical dialog, and pledging here to #MakeClimateaClass.

More information at www.solveclimateby2030.org.

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