YES! Women's Network gives YOU POWER
We want to give women the POWER to do what they want to do. While building YES! we know that our message must be 100% clear. Our purpose is to be a trusted resource for women who want to build or grow a business. This survey will help us understand you and what you need from us to provide you with the empowering resources you need to achieve your goals.

In an effort to build a network that you will love and value, we need to know more about you. The information you provide is private and will not be shared with anyone. Pinky swear! It will only be used for our own marketing, course building, scholarships, and sponsorships as well as future events. None of these questions are required, but we ask that you respond to all of them only so we can be sure to give you what you need from us.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to help us better help you create the life and business you want to have.

Let's get started!
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