2019 Ottawa Juniors Competitive Ultimate TRYOUTS SCHEDULE & APPLICATION (Junior Open & Junior Women)
It's Tryouts time for the Ottawa Juniors Competitive Ultimate Program (OJCUP) 2019 season!

We are recruiting players between the ages OF my own version of the buildings looks like she found it 13 and 18 (born between 2001 and 2006 incto lusive) for three Juniors Open teams (Ignite,in which he can recover and a lot to Scorch, and Blaze) and two Women's teams (Wicked West and Wicked East).


All juniors MUST attend OJCUP Tryouts to be considered for an OJCUP team. If you are unable to attend Tryouts for reasons beyond your control, please indicate this along with your explanation on the Tryouts Application below.

The Tryout fee is $30 for Girls (two Tryouts) or $45 for Boys (three Tryouts).

Junior Women (Girls) Tryouts (13-18 years old):
• Tryout #1 - Sunday April 7th, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm, Gloucester Superdome, 1660 Bearbrook Rd
• Tryout #2 - Tuesday April 9th, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm, Gloucester Superdome, 1660 Bearbrook Rd.

Junior Open (Boys) Tryouts (13-18 years old):
• Tryout #1 - Sunday March 31st, 4:00 – 6:00 pm, Gloucester Superdome, 1660 Bearbrook Rd
• Tryout #2 - Tuesday April 2nd, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm, Gloucester Superdome, 1660 Bearbrook Rd
• Tryout #3 - Saturday April 6th, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, Gloucester Superdome, 1660 Bearbrook Rd.


To attend tryouts, all players must complete BOTH of the following two steps:

1) REGISTER and PAY for Tryouts:
Boys Tryouts payment: https://www.ocua.ca/zuluru/events/view/event:907
Girls Tryouts payment: https://www.ocua.ca/zuluru/events/view/event:871

(scroll down past all of the program additional information)


1) Plain white shirt and plain black shirt (absolutely no OJCUP clothing)
2) Cleats
3) Lots of water
4) Arrive early! You'll receive your pinney and field assignment and have a chance to stretch.*
5) Attend as many tryouts as you can. This gives coaches the chance to evaluate your level of play.
*Pinney and fields assignment may change over the course of Tryouts.

ADDITIONAL INFO BELOW regarding our OJCUP program. Visit the ojcup.com website to find out more.

If you have any questions, please visit ojcup.com or email OttawaJuniorsUltimate@gmail.com.

Spring and Summer practices for 2019 will be on MONDAY & WEDNESDAY evenings (new this year!), for all 5 teams. Field locations are still TBD - however, at least one (and possibly both) nights will be in Manotick (at Ultimate Parks Inc). OJCUP practices will start in April, running until early August prior to Nationals.

Team fees are TBD, depending on the number of players and the number and locations of tournaments the team registers for in the 2019 season. A budget will be presented at the Parents & Players Meeting detailing projected costs. Fees collected in excess of actual team costs are reimbursed at season-end. An estimate based on last year's fees includes the following:
i. Team Fees ~$500 (incl PVI, Regionals & No Borders);
ii. Uniform ~$140 (incl 1 sublimated shirt)
iii. CUC ~$350 plus flight plus food [Canadian Ultimate Championships / Nationals in Edmonton Aug 11-14] - IF team(s) qualify

The 2019 Parents & Players meeting is a mandatory meeting for parents and players where information on tournaments and events, team fees, uniforms, volunteering requirements, early season practices, etc will be addressed, and questions answered. Payment of team fees and sizing/ordering of uniforms will also be required at this meeting if not completed beforehand.
Wicked West & Wicked East (girls) Parents & Players meeting: Wednesday April 10th, 7-9 pm, J.A. Dulude Arena.
Ignite, Scorch, Blaze (boys) Parents & Players meeting: Thursday April 11th, 7-9 pm, Sandy Hill CC.

Players who are unsuccessful at making one of our competitive teams are encouraged to sign up for OCUA's Wednesday evening Junior Competitive Development (https://www.ocua.ca/Comp-Development), and/or OCUA's Monday and/or Thursday evening Junior Recreational League (http://www.ocua.ca/summer_juiors).

Players new to coached competitive ultimate and between 13-18 years old may be interested in attending this free Junior coached session alongside members of OCUA's u17 Junior Development Program. (https://www.ocua.ca/Recreational-Junior#development)
When: Wednesday, March 20th 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Where: Carleton University Fieldhouse

Parents of junior ultimate players who are interested in finding out more about our OJCUP program and the upcoming 2019 Season may be interested in attending our New Parent Information Session:
When: Wednesday, March 20th 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Where: Carleton University, Studio Meeting Room, Alumni Hall ("AH" on this map near P5: https://carleton.ca/campus/map/). (The Studio can also be accessed directly from the Main Athletics Building ("AC" on the above map), and is directly across from the Ravens Nest Gymnasium, beside the Alumni Hall Welcome Centre.)

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Which practices can you attend? *
All 5 OJCUP teams (Ignite, Scorch, Blaze, Wicked West and Wicked East) will practice twice weekly on Monday & Wednesday evenings. Field locations are TBD, but will most likely be at UPI (Manotick) once per week, and POSSIBLY 'in town' once per week in early summer. Use the "Other" box if there are any specific circumstances regarding your ability to regularly attend practices.
Absences *
While all players are expected to attend all practices and tournaments, we recognize that family holidays or other commitments may affect your availability. If you will not be available for part of this summer, please indicate the dates and reason below
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Travel to USA - any concerns? *
One of our regular tournaments is in the USA (PVI / Pioneer Valley Invitational in Massachusetts, May 18-19), and for 2019 all 5 OJCUP teams have been registered. Given some recent border situations, AS A PLAYER do you have any concerns regarding crossing the border into the US in May?
Please check off all 2019 tournaments / events that you are available to attend *
A final list of 2019 events will be provided at our first meeting post-tryouts (April 10th / 11th). An asterisk below indicates tournaments we EXPECT or HOPE to attend. Note that NOT all teams will attend all tournaments. ALL DATES are to be confirmed.
As members of OCUA"s Competitive Alliance, all OJCUP team members are required to pay a $120 Competitive Alliance fee to OCUA (for 2 nights/week practices). This fee will be REFUNDED if players provide 8 hours of volunteer time over this season towards OCUA activities. (Refunds are NOT pro-rated.)
My parents understand that if I am selected to be a member of an OJCUP team (Ignite, Scorch, Blaze, Wicked West or Wicked East), they will be required to provide a minimum 4 hours of (PARENT) volunteer time over this season towards OJCUP activities (ie our teams' events and/or OJCUP program admin). If parents are unable or unwilling to complete these parent volunteer hours for OJCUP, they are asked to pay $100 in lieu of volunteering.
Use this space for any comments you would like to bring to the coaches' attention
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