WING WOMEN Application
Apply here to be a featured Wing Woman at one of our upcoming Leading Ladies Networking events...

At each event, we appoint 4 Leading Ladies to each of the 4 corners of Lot Six's Atrium and they’ll stay put all evening for 2 reasons…

1. If you arrive solo or lose a pal to an intense conversation and are feeling like you’re flailing in the wind, simply make your way over to any corner of the room and a Wing Woman will be your safety net!

2. UBER BONUS TIME: Each Wing Woman will bring their own brand of expertise to each event. Maybe you don’t need a safety net, but you do need to pick an expert’s brain for a particular challenge you’re facing in your business? Well – here’s your chance to get some 1-on-1 complimentary consultation time! Get in your networking AND walk away with valuable advice! 🤯

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