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Have you ever been convicted of a crime (this does not mean you are not able to volunteer it is based on case by case basis) if yes please explain.
Have you previously volunteered or worked with animals? please briefly describe :)
Have you previously worked or volunteered for another rescue if so what rescue?
Do you have pets of your own?
What type of volunteering would you enjoy doing (Helping at events, paperwork, planning events, calling for donations, transportation of dogs to homes, assisting in collecting donations from stores, following up with people, social media? )
Are you comfortable interacting with behavioural cases. Safety put in place, muzzle etc.. ? (If not thats okay :) we ask so we know what role you will fit best! )
How many hours a week are you looking to volunteer!
What is your background experience with dogs!
How comfortable are you with social media?
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Please tell us a bit about yourself what you like to do hobbies etc ...
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We have a ZERO tolerance policy for bullying, We do not judge anyone, we do not speak negatively of others, we do not put people down. We are all here for the same reason to help as many dogs as we can. We will not have our team bullying each other or anyone else and we promise to always stand by our team. Sadly we will get terrible messages, maybe we didn't approve an application, or they didn't like a decision we made, Greg and I will deal with that it will never ever be on you guys to deal with. We will have your backs because thats what a team does. If there is bullying going on within the team automatically you will not be allowed to volunteer with us anymore. Please sign below to confirm you read and understand the following. *
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