Intro Script
Hello...I'm calling from Expansys Technogies. My name is Lyana. How are today sir/madam?. First of all we would like to thank you for your time today. Purpose of this call is we would appreciate if you could give us a few feedback regarding on our service.

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SRV NO : *
SR Date :   *
Name of Expansys Technician that served you *
1. Did our technician arrived on the scheduled time? *
2. Did our technican complete the job to your satisfaction? *
2.1    If yes,  how satisfied are you with the job? *
1 - Very Bad
2 - Bad
3 - Fair
4 - Good
5 - Excellent
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2.2   If no what's your feedback? Comments
3.   Will you  use our services again in the future? *
Definitely Not
Probably Not
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4.  Any other feed back you would like to provide? *
5.  Were the technicians practicing basic Ministry of Health protocol throughout their servicing at your premises (e.g. wearing masks, BruHealth scan, practice good hygiene)?
How did customer sound and feedback when received our call...? *
1 - Angry
2 - Disapointed
3 - Ok
4 - Happy
5 - Very satisfied
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Thank you for taking the time doing this survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
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