Country Market Application 2021
The Indiana FFA Foundation is seeking Indiana FFA members to work as Volunteer Sales Associates at the State Fair FFA Country Market. The Indiana Agricultural Value-Added Country Market was unveiled at the 1999 Indiana State Fair and will be entering its twenty-first year, July 30-August 22, 2021 with fair being closed on the Monday and Tuesday of each week. The purpose of the market is to educate FFA members on the opportunity of adding value to Indiana agricultural products and stimulate a consumer awareness of Indiana agriculture’s importance to our global economy. It also helps develop partnerships between Indiana’s youthful leaders, agricultural producers, educators, and agribusiness leaders across the state. Funds raised through the market are used for Indiana FFA scholarships and leadership development programs.

The Volunteer Sales Associates assist customers of the Country Market and help to educate them on the importance of value-added Indiana agricultural products. Duties also include helping with the daily maintenance of the Country Market, such as cleaning, inventory, stocking shelves, and arranging displays.

The Volunteer Sales Associates must be enthusiastic, responsible, flexible, willing to learn, have good communication skills, and like to meet new people. The FFA members hired to be Volunteer Sales Associates must have completed their freshman year of high school.

All Volunteer Sales Associates will be responsible for at least three consecutive days at the Indiana State Fair, July 30-August 22, 2021 with fair being closed Monday and Tuesday of each week; however, we would highly encourage the FFA members to work more days if schedules allow. Training will be provided to Volunteer Sales Associates. Country Market is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Workers are scheduled in shifts, which includes a shift break. Workers may be scheduled earlier or later, depending on daily tasks and crowds.

All Volunteer Sales Associates will have the opportunity to network with some of Indiana’s premier leaders of the agriculture industry, including the Indiana Department of Agriculture. Volunteer Sales Associates will also have a tremendous opportunity to grow and increase their knowledge of agriculture sales and Indiana products. In addition to these great benefits, Volunteer Sales Associates will also receive a $25 stipend per day. Students who participate in the Country Market will be able to apply for one of the State Fair Scholarships as a graduating senior in high school. The scholarship is given to individuals who put time and effort into the FFA Pavilion at the State Fair over the course of their FFA high school career.

Secure lodging and meals will be provided for Volunteer Sales Associates planning to stay overnight at the State Fair. Associates should bring padlocks for lockers in which they can store valuables during the workday. All associates are responsible for locking up and securing their personal belongings in the lodging area. Workers are invited to partake in the opportunity to have family and/or their chapters provide lunch and/or dinner at the FFA Pavilion for approximately 30 people. Ideas for providing meals would include coordinating with other families and chapters; a kitchen area is available but limited to a microwave, freezer, refrigerator and a space for roasters or crock pots. Those that volunteer to provide meals for workers will receive free tickets to the State Fair and assistance in transporting food and cooking equipment to and from their vehicles. This is a great opportunity for families and chapters to become better acquainted with our FFA members from across the state as well as enjoy the State Fair! If you are interested in providing meals, an Indiana FFA Intern will follow up with you.

If you have further questions or would like more information, please contact Mrs. Chaudion at the listed email address and phone number below.

Indiana FFA Foundation
Lisa Chaudion
P.O. Box 9
Trafalgar, IN 46181
Phone: (317) 878-4178

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