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Thank you for participating in the 7th Annual NAAHP 2018 3-Day Conference held at Florida International University in Miami, FL. We hope you had as much fun attending as we did organizing it.

We want to hear your feedback so we can keep improving our logistics and content of our annual conference. Please fill this brief survey and let us know your thoughts (your answers will be anonymous).

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Plenary: Millennials Who are Redefining & Disrupting the Status Quo
Plenary: Inclusion of Women and the Diaspora in the Political Process and their Power in Influencing Policies in the United States & Haiti
Plenary: Demystifying the C-Suite--Lessons from Executive Who Have Made It
Plenary: Haiti Wealth Creation Forum: A Roadmap for the Future
Plenary: U.S.- Immigration Policy - The Impact Not and in the Future on Legal and Illegal Immigrants
Breakout Session: An Analysis of Blockchain's Global Impact and Use Case that Haiti Can Leverage
Breakout Session: Education- - A Tool to Promote Economic Development and Create Social Change
Breakout Session: Community News and Ethnic Media in the Digital Age: Their Roles in Strengthening the Haitian diaspora community and its relationship with the motherland
Breakout Session: The Current State of Emergency Care in Haiti--Redefining and Reshaping the Road Ahead
Breakout Session: Navigating Your Career: The Importance of Building a Personal Brand and Being an Influencer in your field
Breakout Session: Entrepreneurship: Taking the Leap, From 9 to 5 to CEO
Breakout Session: Mental Health: Debunking the Myth & Stigma and Redefining What Mental Illness Looks Like
Breakout Session: Defining the Road Ahead - Rebuild Haiti through the reintegration of the Haitian Diaspora at Every Level of the Haitian Society
Breakout Session: Workforce Development - Rethinking the Skills Gap in the 21st Century and the Age of Technology
Breakout Session: Diaspora's Investments in Haiti - A Road Map to Redefining the Economic Development of the country
Breakout Session: Community Development and Capacity Building in the Haitian Diaspora
Breakout Session: The Haitian Diaspora - An Untapped Growing Market
Breakout Session: U.S.-Immigration Policy-The Impact Now and in the Future on Legal and Illegal Immigrants
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