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SWARM! (Student Writers and Readers Meet!) brought to you by The Telling Room is a brand new network of youth writing and publishing groups across the State of Maine. Please email writers@tellingroom.org with any questions related to the program or filling out this registration form.
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Thank you for your interest in SWARM! Please fill out this registration form and someone will be in touch with all the details for your local writing group.
Program Details
SWARM! (Student Writers and Readers Meet!) is a brand new network of youth writing and publishing groups across the State of Maine. For 8 weeks this July and August, young writers between the ages of 10 and 18—from rural communities to towns and cities and islands—will write and share their stories in a connected set of regional writing groups (The Hives), led by a trained teaching artist and Telling Room student guest authors. In each writing group, students will explore what it means to be a kid or teen in Maine right now. The Hives will exchange their writing and join together in a SWARM at the end of the summer, and through opt-in docu-video, book, and ebook publication projects.

Students also all receive a SWARM! kit with program details, a letter from their group leader, fun Telling Room swag like a button they can wear when they read their final pieces for filming, and some excerpted writing from diverse Telling Room youth authors for inspiration.

Weeks 1-2 June 29-July 10 2020
Registration opens June 29 and closes July 10

Week 3 July 13 2020
Participants are notified of their groups and SWARM! Kits are mailed July 13

Weeks 4-8 July 20-August 21 2020
Writing Groups Meet for 5 Weeks
Mondays, 2-4pm OR
Tuesdays, 4-6pm (you can share your availability in the form below)
Last week, intergroup exchanges, final writing group share
By August 21 all writing goes to the pub team for book production

Weeks 9-10 August 24-September 4 2020
Film Production

Beginning of October 2020
Videos go live
Book and ebook launch
Zoom Parties for All Writing Groups
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HIVE groups will meet once a week, starting on July 13-14, and going through August 10-11. Please select your availability. Select BOTH choices if either day/time works for you. *
Does the student have any medical conditions that we should know about in order to accommodate their participation in virtual learning? We will do all that we can to accommodate medical conditions. *
Photo, Video, Audio and Published Writing Permissions
I give permission to the staff of The Telling Room to use photos, videos, audio, and writing samples or group meeting recordings of my child in their publications or for general public relations use.
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SWARM! Kit Costs
Students who participate in SWARM! will receive a customized gift box and writers kit so they have all of the physical tools they need to participate in this virtual program. In order to cover some of the cost of making and sending SWARM! kits to participants, we’re requesting a one-time materials fee of $20 per participant, which can be offered on a sliding fee scale (which can slide to $0 or can include an additional donation to cover the cost of a kit for another student) and is supported by our summer learning scholarship funds.

Please follow this link to pay the materials fee: https://bit.ly/2YDnLUi

Checks may be sent to:

The Telling Room
225 Commercial Street, Suite 201
Portland, ME 04101

Please put "SWARM!" in the memo line of your check.
Students! Please provide a writing sample. Respond to the following prompt: Describe a bee in six words without using the word "bee." *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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