End of class survey
We've been taking feedback on individual lectures but as we reach the class midpoint we'd like broader feedback on things we can improve for the remainder of this semester and for future class iterations.  We're going to send this out again for updating at the end of the semester, so please hang on the the link to "edit your responses" so you can update them.
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Design/Usability Background
Coming into this class, how much background did you have in design and usability?
Programming Background
Coming into this course, how much background did you have in programming/software engineering generally?
Web Background
Coming into this course, how much background did you have in HTML/CSS/JS?
Intended Education Goals
What were your educational goals or other reasons for taking this class?
Educational Goals
How well did this class meet your educational goals?
Not at all
Very well
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Goals explanation
Please explain how this class did or did not meet your education goals.
Expectation Match
How closely has this class matched your expectations?
Not at all
Exactly what I expected
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Expectation Explanation
Please explain how this class is or is not matching your expectations
Missing Content
Was there stuff you expected to learn in this course that you did not?
Unimportant Content
Was there stuff stuff taught in this course that didn't seem worth the timet?
How would you assess the overall workload of this class?  
very easy
very difficult
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Content Density
Do you believe that we could have decreased the workload while teaching the same amount?  If so, how?  
Content balance
This course covers two relatively distinct types of content: design principles and methods, and the web technology stack. We have chosen to interleave the two. Did this work well for you? Would you have preferred to learn all the design principles (and do homework involving design only) before diving into the web technologies and actually building things? Or perhaps the opposite?   What arrangement of the material would work best for you?
Time allocation
In the "1unit equals 1 hour of time" model, how do you think the units of the class should be divided between lectures, labs, and homework (make answers sum to 12)?
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Live Lectures
Did you frequently attend live lectures (in person or online) or did you watch recordings?  Do you find value in participating in live lectures, or would recorded lectures be just as good?  Should we switch to one lecture per week with two labs?
Lecture feedback
Do you have any general feedback on the lectures?
Lab Feedback
Do you have any general feedback on the labs?
Office Hours
We observed very light attendance of office hours. Did you find them unnecessary?  Or were there other obstacles that are preventing you from attending?
Did this class influence your future plans for courses or career?  If so, how?
May we contact you for clarification or other followup on your responses?
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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