2019 GGRC Volunteer Commitment Form
Thanks for your interest in Gainesville Girls Rock Camp! Please fill out this form in its entirety to become a volunteer at GGRC. No musical experience is necessary for most volunteer positions at camp!
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Volunteer Role Descriptions
Band Leader
Description: Comparable to camp counselors, band leaders are assigned to 1 band of 5 campers. Band leaders mentor and support this band as they move through their activities and practices each day. Two Band Leaders will be assigned to each band. Band Leading is one of the most rewarding positions because you get a lot of interaction with the campers, but it is also the most time-demanding.
Availability: You need to be present for the entirety of camp, allowing for occasional exceptions (i.e. If you have an appointment and let us know in advance, you can usually pop away for an hour or two.)
Skill requirements: No musical background necessary. Patience and communication skills are necessary.

Instrument Instructors
Description: Teach basic beginners’ group lessons on the instrument of your specialty. You will work closely with another volunteer to teach basic instrument skills to the girls. We need at least two instructors for each instrument (drums, keys, guitar, and bass.)
Availability: At minimum, you must be present during our instrument instruction slots, Monday-Thursday 11am-12 and 2pm-3, although you are welcome to hang out longer.
Skill Requirements: Basic musical background & communication skills necessary.

Workshop Instructors
Description: Prepare and facilitate a one hour workshop that relates to music, feminism, or self-esteem. Examples of past workshops include “Zine Making,” “The History of Women in Music,” “Girls’ Self-Defense,” “The Science of Sound,” “Harmonies” etc.) Workshop Instructors must submit a workshop proposal, which will be available on our website. This position requires the least time commitment and is a great way to be involved if you have a tight schedule. It is critical that you show up prepared and on time for your workshop.
Availability: Workshop slots are 10am-11pm or 1pm-2pm. We usually ask instructors to teach their workshop twice so that we can break the girls into 2 small groups and send them in separately.
Skill Requirements: Communication, preparation. Musical background not necessary.

Description: We need Roadies to help move equipment around between workshops, to help our cook with lunch and snack prep and serving, and for random errands throughout the day.
Availability: If you are only available a few hours a day but still want to lend a hand, this might be the job for you. Scheduling is flexible, just let us know when you are available and we’ll have tasks lined up for you to work on during that time.
Skill Requirements: Communication, reliability.

After reading the descriptions above, please select which role(s) would you like to commit to below. Each position at camp requires different time commitment and responsibilities, please take these into account when selecting a position. Please indicate all positions that interest you.
This year, we are offering a limited number of stipends of $50-$100 in an effort to make camp volunteer participation more accessible to economically disadvantaged volunteers. Volunteers can apply for this support if finances are a barrier to full-time participation in camp. We will prioritize underrepresented women in granting these stipends.
Are you interested in applying to receive a stipend for volunteering?
Do you identify as a person of color?
Do you identify as transgender and/or non-binary?
Mega Volunteer Training Extravaganza:
Mark your calendars, Sunday, June 23rd at 4pm there will be a MANDATORY volunteer training at the Blount Center (401 nw 6th st) for all camp volunteers. There will be food, drinks, interesting presentations, opportunities to get to know the rest of the camp staff, and a lot of important information shared. If you want to volunteer at camp but absolutely cannot make this training, we may make exceptions if we can train you in advance, so please let us know and we will schedule a meeting to catch you up on what you will miss.
I can attend the mandatory mega volunteer training extravaganza load in pizza party Sunday, June 23rd at 4pm, and I am putting it on my calendar right now! *
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