Rebecca Chess Club 2021 Fall 报名表 (零基础+初级一期)
零基础 9/4开始 初级一期9/18 开始。结束时间:week of 12/18 - 12/24
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Select ALL Availability (Please select ALL available time) 如果都可以请务必全选 我们需要统筹安排班级时间,同时增加选上的概率。谢谢 (所有时间都是Central Time) *
Student's language proficiency 孩子的中文英文水平 (多选) *
The Class will be formed in even number students to ensure that each student will be paired to play chess every time. Your enrollment commitment can not be withdrawn. 孩子上课需要偶数配对下棋,所以一旦报名不接受退出,因为那样会影响全班的配对和进度。 *
零基础第三节课初级一期每节课课后将有15-30分钟下棋环节。如果当天下棋有困难,请和那周配对的同学课后单独约时间。 *
2021秋季班零基础 Class will start on the weekend of 9/4/2021 (9/4 - 9/10为第一周) for 16 weeks. 初级一期将在零基础两周后开始 (week of 9/18) for 14 weeks. 零基础和初级一期最后一周为12/18. 初级班学费:$35一节课。报名请慎重,报名后学费将不予退还。 *
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By entering your full name below, you are (a) agreeing to all of the statements in the Acknowledgement, above, and(b) agreeing to use an electronic signature to demonstrate your acceptance of the Acknowledgement. Your electronic signature is as legally binding as a handwritten signature. 签名+日期 *
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