Stop to See - Middle Point of Program
Please complete this by end of day Friday November 1st.

How we learn is through repetition and feedback. You entered class wanting some change. It's time to offer yourself some feedback (within context of care and consideration). When we look honestly we then have a chance to re-commit, find out where we need to engage more toward that 'end in mind'. The next half of class not like first half, brand new, which is the truth of each moment of our lives, if we choose to see.

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Bodily Self
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Culture & Context to Cultivate Happiness - Well-Being
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Direction of Emotion
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Emotion Continued
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Now What?
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Now you can Just Begin Again: Don't over do or over strive - but do Commit to daily practice, break it up throughout the day, find out where you need to stretch/risk for reward you seek.

Remember these Inquiries and Practices are cumulative (need to keep using consistently to build anything new)

Consider what will be on your 'Pocket Guide' that you take out of these 8 weeks. Let's makes this literal, concrete, start collecting what works thus far, but stay with the guidance of class practices for now.

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Orientation = direction
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Module 2 = body
Module 3 = heart
Module 4 / 5 = mind

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