Slush Reader Application for Classic Monsters Unleashed
I'm looking for slush readers for the open submissions period of the Classic Monsters Unleashed anthology, which I'm editing and will be released by Black Spot Books and Crystal Lake Publishing.

You'll need to commit to reading short stories (up to 5000 words) for 6-8 weeks, starting in early April and ending around early June. Your opinion will help decide which stories we pick, and you will be credited in the book. This is a volunteer gig. But this is a great experience to learn about the inner workings of putting together an anthology.

I prefer slush readers who don't plan to submit a story to the anthology, but this won't exclude you. Bear in mind, though, it will be more difficult for slush readers to make it into the book.

We can't take everyone, so please don't be disappointed if you're not accepted.

Check out the preview page for the Kickstarter and sign up for an email alert on launch here:

- James Aquilone
Must Love Monsters!
Here's an idea of what Classic Monsters Unleashed is all about
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