Consumer perception of animal welfare and environmental labels on meat products

Background to the research:

Meat consumption trends have increased in the last couple of decades with increasing wealth of individuals and decreasing prices of meat, making accessibility more widespread. While meat production is pushed to the most efficient it ever has been, it is not without consequences. Efficiency of production systems can compromise animal welfare, and have significant environmental impacts contributing to global warming. It is important to understand how labels on meat products relay these consequences and if and how they help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. With the wide variety of existing labels, it is often easy to dismiss or confuse what they each represent.

This questionnaire aims to assess consumer knowledge of labels on meat products and how they affect purchasing decisions and perceptions of animal welfare and environmental impacts of meat production. Meat eating participants are asked a series of questions to assess values, knowledge, and reliance on labels when it comes to purchasing meat products. Non meat eating participants will respond to similar questions tailored to their dietary preferences, focusing more on perceptions of animal welfare and environmental impacts of meat production. The questionnaire should not take more than 15 minutes to complete, and is for U.K. residents 18 years of age or older only. We hope to use this study to understand what role labels play in informing consumers about meat production, and how relevant they are in helping consumers support more sustainable ways of farming.

The study has been reviewed by the RVC Social Science Ethical Review Board reference: URN SR2020-0153.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, Jody Luk at or Dr. Mehroosh Tak at

Thank you for your time!
Jody Luk, Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine Year 4, Royal Veterinary College

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