Leadership SCOTLAND Application
Leadership Scotland is a successful community leadership development program sponsored by the Laurinburg/Scotland County Area Chamber of Commerce. The program is designed to prepare citizens to expand their leadership roles and increase their knowledge of the Scotland County community. Community leadership skill development and a sense of trusteeship are integrated throughout the program.
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General Questions
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Please list three (3) people who are knowledgeable about your leadership performance and potential. Include names, address, and phone number to contact.
Selection Criteria
Participants will be chosen for Leadership Scotland based upon the information provided in the applications. Consideration is given to leadership achievements, community involvement, overall accomplishments, recommendations from peers and employers, and the ability and interest in assuming additional leadership roles in the community.
Participant Commitment
The Leadership Scotland Program year will consist of 8 monthly full day sessions, including a trip to Raleigh, and an evening graduation program. Additional hours may be required for elective activities and other learning opportunities.

To successfully complete Leadership Scotland, a participant is expected to attend all sessions. Absences are excused with Steering Committee approval only in the event of an emergency or extenuating circumstance. A participant who is unable to attend all sessions may be asked to withdraw from the program and no portion of the tuition will be refunded. It is important that an applicant must have the full support of his/her employer to attend all sessions.

Please complete the signature page and attach it to email or bring it to the chamber office at 606 S Atkinson Street.
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Program Fees
Tuition is $500 for Chamber members. Tuition covers the cost of all class materials, lunches and graduation. A selection committee will screen applications. Companies/firms, civic clubs, non-profit agencies and foundations are urged to sponsor member of their management teams or individuals who have demonstrated potential leadership abilities. Sponsorship can be an important contribution to an employee's development and a company's growth, and will assure knowledgeable leaders for Laurinburg/Scotland County's future.

Enrollment is limited, it is important to act now.
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