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Credit Clean Australia
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Credit Clean Australia has been operating and assisting Australians with repair solutions for over a decade.
The CEO being a financial broker himself in the past, heavily involved in the credit impaired market has an understanding for the importance of having a clean credit file and the effects it can have on families and individuals, that’s why he has developed a large handpicked team at Credit Clean Australia to assist and cater for all your credit repair solutions.

The team at Credit Clean Australia understands that when it comes to repairing your credit file, time is important that is why we treat every case as urgent because the longer you wait, the bigger the problem can arise and the fewer options you may have available.

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Why Good Credit is so Important?

On the right are some examples of the dramatic difference between good credit and bad. Now in Australia If you have dismissed, ignored or not paid your overdue account, companies still have to follow current legislation prior to defaulting your credit file. If this has not occurred, you may have a case for them to be permanently deleted through various avenues. At Credit Clean Australia we specialise in providing the knowledge and power of how to remove unfair, disputable and contestable negative listings from your credit file.

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How It Works?
1. Phone Call
At your FREE consultation we will explain our services, how it works and how we could help you.

2. Application & Credit Check
If you are happy with our services offered you complete a 5-minute online agreement form with the assistance of your consultant. From there they will also pull your credit file and tell you what may be wrong with it.

3. Investigation Process
We investigate what procedures may of possibly been used before companies have damaged your credit file based only on information you provide us by going through our questionnaire. These questions are broad and not specific to each separate individual negative listing.

4. Acceptance
Based on our investigation process done through the questionnaire you must meet our minimum criteria* which will result in being approved or declined for our services.

5. Document Submission
Documents are submitted to companies, credit reporting bodies, ombudsman or courts to apply for a positive outcome.

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Advantages of our Credit Repair

Results of Our Services may include:
✔ Remove Credit Defaults
✔ Remove Clearouts
✔ Remove Court Judgements

Benefits of Credit Repair may include:
✔ Instant Approval for Finance
✔ Save Thousands on Better Interest Rates
✔ Reducing Repayments

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