Service Information Sheet
This sheet provides an outline of the basic service information a potential rider needs to know in order to successfully use the public transit system.

The information included could be listed in a public transit system’s brochures or rider guides, distributed at community events, or used by a local human service agency to give to their clients.

In addition to a public transit system filling out their own service information, they should acquire service information from neighboring public transit systems. The information gathered from the Service Information Sheet is vital for developing a Regional Mobility Guide in the Marketing Plan Checklist.

Service Area
Examples: Coles County, City of Debuke, etc.
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Townships Served *
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Here list an agency disclaimer, such as, "Please call the dispatch office during normal business hours at least 24 hours in advance." Also, could include information like the Title VI discrimination policy/reporting, and/or the funding source for your services.
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Last Updated: *
Here list the date you intend to publish your information, and/or new service will be effective. It is always good to have an update stated on any service information, so that you can easily identify if a marketing materials or service information is current.
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