Centreville High School Needs Assessment
The purpose of this assessment is to help Mrs. Dickman understand the needs of our students to help plan classroom guidance lessons, speakers, programming, assemblies, etc. Be honest and as complete as possible in your responses. Your responses will be confidential unless you choose to add your name at the end of the survey. If you need individual help please add your name so Mrs. Dickman can follow up with you. Thank you!
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What is your current grade level? *
Do you identify as *
Typically how often do you receive help from Mrs. Dickman (including asking general questions, individual counseling, college applications, scheduling, etc.) *
Have you always been a student at Centreville High School or did you transfer from another high school? *
What are your current plans following graduation? *
To what degree is our school in need of services to address the following areas:
1=not at all important 3=neutral 5=very important
College Admissions (help with applications, FAFSA, scholarships) *
Making Healthy Choices (avoiding the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco) *
Character Education (treating others well) *
Not needed
Highly needed
Multi-cultural/diversity awareness (appreciating those who are different than yourself) *
Mental wellness (managing emotions/feelings, positive self esteem, etc.) *
Recognizing the signs and knowing how to assist someone struggling with mental illness (recognizing depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts in others) *
Suicide prevention (knowing what to do to help yourself or others) *
Bullying and mean behavior (knowing how to report it and how to respond when you experience it or witness it) *
Conflict resolution (working out disagreements with others) *
Stress management (managing stress with positive coping mechanisms such as relaxation techniques, etc.) *
Organization (tracking belongings, deadlines and goals) *
Study skills (how to study for tests/quizzes) *
Career awareness and exploration (knowing your career options after you graduate) *
Healthy relationships (recognizing and addressing the signs of an unhealthy relationship) *
Please list any additional comments or concerns that would be helpful to Mrs. Dickman for future planning to support students. What could we do better?
Please list what you feel Mrs. Dickman is doing well to support the needs of students?
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