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5C Wordsmiths aims to be the home base for the creative writing community at the Claremont Colleges, connecting all creative writing entities and individuals regardless of level of experience with creative writing. This network of an open community has been designed to enable departments, venues, organizations, and students to connect, communicate, and coordinate events and spaces in order to offer creative writing opportunities at the 5Cs. For more information, see www.5CWordsmiths.com/about.

A 5CW Agent is a Wordsmith who plans opportunities for the 5C creative writing community. In the past, the 5CWA Team has brought in poets, such as Rupi Kaur, hosted retreats for individual Wordsmiths, sponsored trips to the LA Times Festival of Books and Da Poetry Lounge. We only started a couple of years ago--so we're still building and would love new ideas and creative writing passion on the team! Meet the Team at www.5CWordsmiths.com/meet-the-agents.

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What's your creative writing history? It's completely okay if you're new to creative writing! College is the place to try new things and see if some things stick. Let us know below! But if you have done creative writing before, tell us about your writer self.
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What can you bring to the 5Cs as an Agent?
What the 5CW Agents Team offers to the creative writing community consists of self-driven projects of individual Agents. Whenever an Agent has an idea and is passionate about it, the 5C Wordsmiths network provides resources to make that happen. So the Team consists of what you want to bring to it! That being said, everyone in the Team will also be responsible for small administrative tasks, evenly distributed among the Agents.

Let us know what you can bring to the Team:

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