Video Production Questionnaire
This questionnaire helps us understand your goals and expectations and ensures the resulting video is the best fit for your business. At the end of the questionnaire you’ll find a brief explanation of the milestones your project will follow from inception to completion
Thanks for your help!
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Goal - What’s your goal for this video?
Type - What type of explainer video do you need?
Syndication - Where will your video be published?
Length - What’s your expected duration? (E.g: no longer than X seconds)
Language - What language(s) do you want your video(s) in? List all that apply please (2nd language at 70% investment of 1st production)
Brand Guidelines
Your Brand’s colors are...
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Your Brand’s fonts are...
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Additional branding instructions we need to be aware of?
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Production Details
Subtitles - Would you like your video subtitled?
Voice-over - Preferred narrator: Female? Male?
Preferred dialect / accent?
More? Anything more you’d like to share?
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