Girlfriends Pray Ministries Volunteer Form
Thank you for your interest in serving. All individuals must complete this document prior to commencement of your assignment. By completing this form, you acknowledge your intent to serve in a volunteer capacity with Girlfriends Pray Ministries for a period of one (1) calendar year.
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Statement of Integrity: By returning this completed document, you are acknowledging you have read and understand the following statement of integrity which serves as a confidential agreement also known as a non-disclosure. 1 I understand Girlfriends Pray Ministries was established for the purpose of promoting a Kingdom agenda given Dee Marshall implemented via Girlfriends Pray Ministries. 2 I understand that agenda is to inspire, encourage, motivate and support women through prayer. 3 I understand that the role is voluntary however the expectation is to give 110% decent and in order in the spirit of excellence while in service. 4 I understand I will be expected to participate in monthly teleconference meetings, attend one GP Live event and the annual leadership meeting. 5 I understand using Girlfriends Pray to promote another agenda, program, business, ministry, event, activity, initiative, idea, concept or ministry other than Girlfriends Pray is not acceptable, not allowed or tolerated. 6 I understand all Girlfriends Pray matters are confidential and not to be discussed with any one in order to protect the integrity of the ministry and the privacy of those we serve. *
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