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FPI doctoral scholarship for Research project OUTONOMY, at IAS-Research Center for Life, Mind, and Society, UPV/EHU (University of the Basque Country). DEADELINE IS Octuber the 10th.
Dear applicant. Thanks for your interest in joining us at the University of the Basque Country and the IAS-Research Center for Life, Mind, and Society. We have been awarded with a scholarship for a PhD student to develop her PhD with us on the topics of the research project entitled "OUTONOMY: fleshing out autonomy beyond the individual". We are searching for a dedicated, smart, philosophically minded, technically skilled and collaborative person willing to start a research career with us.

This is not the final application form but a pre-candidate application. The final form will be announced to you and managed by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation sometime between mid October and November. The goal of this form is to encourage students to move forward towards the final application and for us to know some of the candidates in advance. It is highly recommended that you fill this form if you are planning to submitt for the official application (which is run in a less friendly and massive procedure within the public administration). We want to know you better first.
If you dont feel confortable filling-up this online form, please do not hesitate to email us the required information in an email to the following addresses: AND
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Email us and send us the following documents.
Please, after you complete this form you MUST submitt three additional documents in an email to AND with the subject name "Submission to Outonomy PhD scholarship". The documents to be attached (in PDF format) are: 1. Your CV, 2. A work written by yourself (e.g. Master's thesis, course essay or published paper) and 3. A motivation letter (in this letter you are asked to explain which is the projects research goal(s) that you want to work on, why you want to apply to this scholarship, how the proposed research lines are important to you and your studentship, and why do you think it is philosophically or theoretically relevant).

If you have any further question regarding this application let us know by email.
ACCEPT PRIVACY CONDITIONS: The data collected in this form will be used exclusivelly with the purpose of accessing the PhD scholarship. Data will not be provided to third parties or used for any other purpose and you can always ask data to be corrected or deleted by emailing *
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