Order Form DUMET Instrument 3 First Edition
Fill in this form for ordering your DUMET Instrument 3 First Edition.

in the following sections you will be asked your personal details and desired features of the watch.

The standard price is €1990,- including 21% Tax for EU residents.
Surcharges will be added based on the selected options

Purchase Order
By submitting this form, you, the customer enters in a purchase order with DUMET Watches.
For the crowdfunding for the DUMET Instrument 3, a minimum target of 10 pieces is set as goal.
As soon as the target quantity of 10 pieces is reached, you will receive a notification and information for payment.

If the target of 10 pieces is not reached before the end date of the crowdfunding period , the crowdfunding will be deemed "not funded" by DUMET Watches, and therefore no money will be booked from your bank-account.

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