South King County (SKC) & Eastside Neighborhood Mutual Aid Pod
We are a collective of people from neighborhoods and communities within the region of South King County & the Eastside building community care and power. We formed at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to provide support to those impacted by the pandemic.

We share resources, support survivors in safety planning, and work to provide basic needs to folks, which include groceries, help paying bills, and forming fundraisers for those who need it.

**We center our work in abolition, that those most harmed by systems of power must be centered in creating new ways of caring for each other, and that our liberation AND our wellbeing are interconnected.**

Fill out this form if you are interested in starting/ being a part of mutual aid pods in your neighborhood. Once you complete this form, we will connect you with members from your neighborhood/ city.

What is Mutual Aid?

Mutual Aid is a practice and politics that emphasizes solidarity rather than charity. What does that mean? It means we recognize that our well-being, health and dignity are all bound up in each other. It means that we understand our survival depends on cooperation, not competition. In this particular moment, we see that our health is also dependent on other people’s health, and we can literally save each other’s lives. Rather than disengage and feel powerless, mutual aid allows us to plug in where we can make the most impact — locally.

Mutual Aid is…
Getting people together in your community to provide material support to each other
Building relationships with your neighbors based on trust and common interest
Making decisions by consensus rather than relying on authority or hierarchy
Sharing things rather than hoarding things
Treating no one as disposable
Providing all kinds of support, ranging from food prep to childcare to translation to emotional support, and recognizing the value of all of them
A political education opportunity, where we build the relationships and analysis to understand why we are in the conditions that we’re in
Preparation for the next disaster (natural or economic). Next time around we’ll already have relationships with each other and know who is vulnerable and needs support
A great jumping off point for other kinds of organizing and movement work

- From Mutual Aid 101 #WeGotOurBlock Toolkit:

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