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If you would like to license Ana Luca's art for promotional purpose, product design, or other commercial purpose, please submit this inquiry form. Your responses are necessary for licensing request evaluation.

Ana Luca reserves all copyrights to her artwork. Use of, reproductions of, or derivatives of her artwork is prohibited without written express permission from Ana Luca LLC in the form of a signed licensing agreement.
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A licensing fee, provided by us, must be paid in full and our licensing contract must be accepted and signed by the licensing party before reproduction or usage of our artwork is permitted. Do you understand and agree to pay the license fee in full and execute our licensing contract prior to usage of our intellectual property? (Note: Any unauthorized use of our copyrighted images is a violation of law and will be pursued by legal action.) *
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What happens next?
We will review your licensing proposal and be in touch shortly with a customized quote and timeline. If we mutually decide to proceed with this licensing project, you will review and sign a licensing agreement which we will provide via email and then pay for the license prior to artwork usage.
If you have questions, please write them here:
We appreciate your time answering this questionnaire to assist our evaluation of your project. We'll be in contact soon if there is potential for us to work together.
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