Director Positions for DAAP Makers Market 2018
DAAP Makers Market had its inaugural event in 2017. We hope the event continues, and want to transition leadership positions to new leaders. You do not need to be in town Fall of 2017 to apply to be a director, but it is expected you will be in town for Spring 2018.

There are two director positions- you can apply for one or both. Fill out every question on the first page, the 2nd and 3rd pages are for specific director positions. Applications close on August 21st and we will then notify you if we want to talk to you further!

Duties of the Organizational Director:
Coordinating with offices at UC to reserve space and date for event, as well as get the necessary materials for the event. The Organizational Director oversees the committee that includes positions like Treasurer, Vendor Coordinator, Alumni Directors, Cincinnati Coordinator, etc. and makes sure those jobs are completed.

Duties of the Marketing Director:
In charge of marketing, social media posts, and branding for the event. In charge of the committee that includes positions like Social Media Coordinator, Outreach Director, and Student Engagement Directors. Involves marketing within UC and within the greater Cincinnati Community.

Duties of both Directors:
Select the 2018 committee positions, work together to put on the event.

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