Stay Totally Booked: Sales Rep - Questionnaire
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Have you worked for a B2B company before?
What do you own?
What is your ideal work day?
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What's your energy level?
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Why do clients choose to buy from you?
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How do you build, organize and maintain your pipeline for prospects and clients?
Give an example of a time when you worked with a difficult prospect? How did you win them into becoming a client?
How do you go about achieving your sales goals?
If you haven’t consistently hit your sales goals, what are some of the reasons why?
What are 2-3 of your weaknesses as they relate to sales? What are you doing to improve on your weaknesses?
Are you familiar with Google Docs?
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Why have you chosen sales as your profession?
What do you dislike this about sales? How do you ensure it doesn’t affect your ability to close business owners?
How do you stay current with your prospects, customers, and new products?
What are some books or seminars you have recently read or attended to further your knowledge of the sales industry?
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