2020-2021 Student Input Survey
A school-parent compact is an agreement that parents, students, and teachers develop together. It explains how parents and teachers will work in partnership to make sure all students get the individual support they need to reach and exceed grade-level standards.

Focus Areas for Compact: Reading/ELA and Math
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School-Parent Compact
School-Parent Compact
The 2018 -2019 data show that we need to increase the number of students proficient and distinguished by at least 3% by May 2021 in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics. Our school will focus on the core content areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics in the School-Parent Compact. Do you agree that the School-Parent Compact Should focus on increasing the Reading/ELA and Math scores on the Georgia Milestones Assessment and other assessments? *
If no, please suggest what area the School-Parent Compact should focus on.
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My parents/family members can help me with Reading/ELA by: *
My parents/family member can help me with Math by: *
I Can Help Improve in Reading/ELA By: *
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