The Cortes Base Drag Strip Challenge
This is a form for submitting your entries to the Buckyball Racing Club's "Cortes Base Drag Strip Challenge". Assuming you've read the rules on the official event forum thread (, completed a valid run and recorded the required video or screenshots, then just fill in the form and press SUBMIT to send in your entry.
What is your commander name? *
What is the name you've chosen for your SRV? *
Obviously we can't (yet) actually name our SRV's in-game but, assuming you could, what would you like to call it?
Which platform are you playing on? *
What time are you claiming for your run? *
This is the elapsed time between your starting screenshot (taken while stationary on one of the city's outrigger ramps) and finishing screenshot (back in contact with the city having first driven at least 10.0 km away). The time should be in the form HH:MM:SS.
What is the URL for the video or images where your evidence can be found? *
Your video or screenshots need to be uploaded to a place where we can see them. Many people use for videos or for images but feel free to use whichever media sharing site you're most comfortable with.
Where can we contact you in the event of a problem with your submission? *
Suggested answers are "forum pm to <user name>", "discord pm to <user name>" or "email to <email address>".
Anything else you'd like to say about your run or about the Cortes Drag Strip Challenge in general?
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