The Birds of Camp Chiricahua, Part 1

The Theodore "Ted" A. Parker III Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by Victor Emanuel Nature Tours (VENT), provides one full scholarship a year for an OYBC member to attend Camp Chiricahua, VENT’s flagship summertime youth birding camp. VENT youth camps present a rare opportunity for young naturalists to be in the field with their peers and with expert leaders. In honor of this prestigious scholarship and to share a few of the birds endemic to this special region, Oscar Wilhelmy (the 2017 Theodore "Ted" A. Parker III Memorial Scholarship recipient) created a 2 part Photo ID Quiz for March and April.

Bird #1: From this bird's size and shape we can tell that it is a flycatcher. Many flycatchers are very similar, but if we take a closer look this bird has a very unique bill. It is decurved with a pinkish-orange base. Look closely at the area around the base of the bill - is this bird missing something most flycatchers have? Here's another hint, the adaptation this bird lacks helps other flycatchers funnel their prey towards their mouths. This species is actually named after its missing feature!

Bird #2: Here in Ohio, we only have one species of kingbird. In Southeast Arizona there are four! They are the Western, Cassin's, Thick-Billed, and Tropical Kingbirds. Keep in mind the dark head, very light yellow belly, and bill size when identifying this adult and juvenile.

Bird #3: This magnificent species is one of the most highly sought after Southeast Arizona specialties. Most sessions of Camp Chiricahua get breath-taking views of this unique specialty. Last year, the camp was lucky enough to encounter this bird in Cave Creek Canyon, where it put on an amazing show.

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