GROW LOCAL LIVE! International Permaculture Day
The theme for International Permaculture Day this year is Grow Local! to highlight the value of permaculture design for building local resilience. Grow Local! can refer to food, energy, shelter, fibre, community, economy and so on and we want to hear from you LIVE on SUNDAY 5TH MAY about how you’re growing local!

You can also send us videos reports for inclusion in the Live! programme. Guidelines here:

All contributions will be accepted on a first come first served basis and at our discretion. Contact as asap in you want to be included!

All you need to participate in Grow Local Live! is a computer or smartphone with good internet connection and a built-in or plug-in camera and microphone.

Note that you can edit your entries after sending - see details in the confirmation message. Link to this form >
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