DFW FTC Collab for Covid-19 Relief Effort
FTC Team 8565 (TechnicBots), has been working with FTC Team 11472 (Ravenclaw Robotics) in 3D printing face shields and ear guards for our local health care professionals at more than 20 hospitals/clinics. We are looking for more local FTC teams to help print face shields/ear guards with the pending large orders. If you have a 3D printer available and willing to join this effort, please fill in the form below. We will contact you for logistics setup.

Here is the request form for health care professionals which contains links to related documents: http://tinyurl.com/clinicneed

FTC team 8565 is also hosting a weekly Virtual Robotics Fun Hour Event at 7pm Friday evenings. If your team would like to share some of your robot design for a few minutes at the event, please indicate in the form below too. We will arrange time for your sharing.

Thank you.
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