James Monroe As President Quiz
Directions: Answer the questions below to show how much you know about President Monroe!
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1. Which of the following would best describe how Americans felt after the War of 1812? *
2. Which of the following term best describes someone's love for their country? *
3. Which of the following was an important fact about James Monroe? *
4. What do historians call the time period in which James Monroe was president? *
5. During the presidency of James Monroe, which of the following below disappeared from the American political process for a period of time. *
6. During the presidency of James Monroe, which of territories below were added to the United States? *
7. Which of the famous Americans below conquered the territory above (#6) by invading which allowed it to become part of the United States? *
8. Which city in Florida is named after Andrew Jackson? *
9. What did Andrew Jackson do to the British pirates in Florida? *
10. Which of the following individuals below was James Monroe's Secretary of State? *
11. Which of the following statements would BEST describe the Monroe Doctrine? *
12. Which of the follow best describes the transition from making things by hand to using machines and inventions to improve manufacturing and labor? *
13. Who was the father of the American factory system? *
14. Who were the first employees at the Lowell Mills? *
15. Which of the following was a major improvement in transportation during the early 1800s? *
16. Robert Fulton invented which of the following? *
17. Eli Whitney invented which of the following? *
18. Which of the following best describes a "textile?" *
19. Write a paragraph, answering the following question: "How did the Industrial Revolution change the world?" *
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20. Read the following quote from the Monroe Doctrine: Monroe warned European countries not to interfere in the Western Hemisphere, stating "that the American continents. . .are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European powers." Write a paragraph explain what Monroe meant by this statement and why he said it.
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