SummerStage 2020 Scholarship Request
This form is for families who have already applied for a scholarship for the spring semester. If you have not previously applied, please go to the form for new applicants found on our education page.

To be considered for a scholarship for SummerStage 2020, applications MUST be submitted by April 1, 2020.

This application is for those interested in Charleston Stage Company's SummerStage and SummerStage Express camps. There are full and partial scholarships available which are given based on financial need (income, size of household, and in some cases extenuating circumstances). Please note that applying for a scholarship does NOT guarantee one will be given to you.

Students awarded a scholarship must: arrive on time for camp, and maintain good attendance. In case of emergency, contact the Education Staff as soon as possible. Excessive tardiness and absences may result in dismissal from the program and could affect future scholarship eligibility.

In section 3-6, you will be asked to include your top 2 choices SummerStage Express camps (1 week) or 1 SummerStage camp (3 weeks) your student or students are interested in. For information about camps and when they are offered, please refer to the schedule on this page: (NOTE: Grade for school year starting August 2020). Please pay very close attention to the dates and length of each camp when choosing.
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