JCAN Food, Purchasing, and Waste Assessment Tool
This assessment tool will give you a rough baseline to which you can compare after making changes to your food, purchasing, and waste policies.
Approximately what percent of the food served in your synagogue is locally grown using organic practices and vegan?
Approximately what percent of the paper and disposable office supplies used in your synagogue is 100% recycled?
To what extent does your synagogue make use of organic and green products inside the building for cleaning, pest control, and new building materials? 0 = not at all; 10 = only organic and green products are used
How many gallons (or bags/barrels) of waste are thrown out each week?
How much effort does your synagogue make to reduce its overall purchasing level? 0 = no effort; 10 = extreme effort so that nothing not absolutely essential is purchased
What are you hoping or planning to do next?
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What resources or assistance do you need?
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What else of significance that your synagogue does around food, purchasing, and waste would you like to report at this time?
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